Orange Blossom Beekeepers Association

Monthly Meeting: Aug 19, 2020

OBBA Announcements

What's been going on?

COVID Pandemic and Cancelled Meetings

No Meetings Since Feburary - so this is our new start!

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We are still able to do some workshop activities safely during COVID times …

Workshop: Making Splits

  • Made (25) nucs across apiary
  • Re-queened entire apirary!
  • Extracted and bottled over 95 lbs of honey to sell (Thanks Andrew!)



Virtual Workshop: Installing a Nuc


Workshop: Creating a nuc


Social Media

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Instagram: OrangeBlossomBeekeepers


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(Thanks, Andrew!)

YouTube: Orange Blossom Beekeepers


OBBA Website:

We have been adding some new features and content:



Central Florida Fair

Great experience at the Central Florida Fair!


Orlando Science Museum: Great Outdoors Weekend

Great experience at the Orlando Science Museum!


Black Bee Honey Project

Current situation:

  • The hive is being checked on weekly.
  • No non-city employees allowed on site currently


  • A condensed (6 mo) program
  • 3 (likely virtual) 45 min lessons once a week and a hands on lesson at South side farms in Paramore make up one month
  • No start date - idea generation and interest finding phase

2020 National Honey Bee Day

Sadly - a casualty of the pandemic…

Maybe next year!


OBBA Memembership

We have online signup now!

If you haven't, please pay your annual dues:


OBBA Member Apiary

OBBA Member Apiary is Live!

If you:

  • Do not have a place to practice beekeeping and
  • Would like to have a hive

Let Matt (OBBA President) or Andrew/Craig (Apiary Managers) know!


We need to sell it! This is the most effective way we fund our organization.

We have over 95 lbs ready to sell!

Number (1 lbs) Price
1 bottle $10
2 bottles $18
3 bottles $25

Aug/Sep Bee Management

Current UF Management Recommendations (Aug)

  • Feed colonies if light
  • Monitor for and control small hive beetles
  • Monitor colonies for varroa
  • Treat for AFB/EFB if needed

What is blooming in Central Florida (Aug)

  • Goldenrod
  • Joint Weed
  • Mexican Clover
  • Partridge Pea
  • Primrose Willow
  • Red Bay
  • Sandhill Prarie Clover
  • Spanish Needle
  • Spiderwort/Dayflower
  • Spotted Mint
  • Sumac
  • Vine Aster
  • Red Mangrove
  • Black Mangrove
  • White Mangrove

Current UF Management Recommendations (Sep)

  • Super colonies if strong Brazilian Pepper Flow
  • Monitor colonies for varroa
  • Feed colonies if light
  • Consider treating colonies for Nosema if needed

What is blooming in Central Florida (Sep)

  • Bush Aster - Aster spp.
  • Goldenrod - Solidago spp.
  • Mexican Clover - Richardia spp.
  • Primrose Willow - Ludwigia spp.
  • Red Bay - Persea borbonia
  • Smart Weed - Polygonum spp.
  • Spanish Needle - Bidens spp.
  • Spiderwort/Dayflower - Tradescantia virginiana
  • Spotted Mint - Monarda punctata
  • Sumac - Rhus typhina
  • Vine Aster - Ampelaster carolinianus

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