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Monthly Meeting: Sep 17, 2020

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Our Meetings

Virtual Meetings until we can meet in person again!

View previous meeting presentations on our website (news-and-updates/past-meeting-presentations)



We are still able to do some workshop activities safely during these COVID times …

If you are interested in visiting our association apiary or our member apiary, please reach out to one of our apiary managers on Slack.

Additional Workshop Ideas

  • Hive inspections
  • Varroa count/treatment
  • Build a super (Build a hive)
  • Mead Making
  • Wax Rendering
  • Swarm Capture


Performed Storage Housekeeping:

  • Financially
    • Smaller storage bin
    • Placed appropriately in association name
  • Logistically
    • Moved equipment into the new storage bin


We sold over 30 bottles last month!

We have more OBBA honey to purchase if you want some!

Number (1 lbs) Price
1 bottle $10
2 bottles $18
3 bottles $25

Research: The impact of beekeeper treatment on honeybee viruses

  • Allison:
    • OBBA Member
    • Biology PhD student at UCF
  • Goal: To help inform local beekeepers of what works best for their area in keeping viral loads down

To participate:

  • Survey regarding the various tools and methods we as beekeepers use to improve bee health
  • Additionally, would like to sample hives of willing beekeepers for common viruses (like Deformed Wing Virus, Black Queen Cell Virus, etc.).

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YouTube: Orange Blossom Beekeepers


OBBA Website:

We have been adding some new features and content:



Black Bee Honey Project

Work in progress for now…


  • A condensed (6 mo) program
  • 3 (likely virtual) 45 min lessons once a week and a hands on lesson at South side farms in Paramore make up one month
  • No start date - idea generation and interest finding phase


OBBA Memembership

You can pay your annual dues:


OBBA Member Apiary

  • If you:
    • Do not have a place to practice beekeeping AND
    • Would like to have a hive

Let Matt (OBBA President) or Andrew/Craig (Apiary Managers) know!

OBBA Leadership

  • OBBA President: Matt Rensberry
  • OBBA Vice-President: Miranda Clemetel
  • Treasurer: Debra NcNamee
  • Secretary: Brandon Thompson
  • Membership Director: Debra McNamee
  • Communications Director: Beth Fox
  • Apiary Managers: Andrew Beard, Craig Wright
  • Webmaster: Andrew Beard

Proposal for volunteer positions

  1. Communications Director
    • Promotes the club and events we have
    • Coordinate our public face
  2. Advertising Director
    • Contact sponsors
    • Build relationships with sponsors
  3. Speaker's Bureau
    • People willing to speak to other groups
    • Develop a collection of presentations

Interested? Send Matt a private message (Slack or

Sep/Oct Bee Management

Current UF Management Recommendations (Sep)

  • Super colonies if strong Brazilian Pepper Flow
  • Monitor colonies for varroa
  • Feed colonies if light
  • Consider treating colonies for Nosema if needed

What is blooming in Central Florida (Sep)

  • Bush Aster - Aster spp.
  • Goldenrod - Solidago spp.
  • Mexican Clover - Richardia spp.
  • Primrose Willow - Ludwigia spp.
  • Red Bay - Persea borbonia
  • Smart Weed - Polygonum spp.
  • Spanish Needle - Bidens spp.
  • Spiderwort/Dayflower - Tradescantia virginiana
  • Spotted Mint - Monarda punctata
  • Sumac - Rhus typhina
  • Vine Aster - Ampelaster carolinianus

Current UF Management Recommendations (Oct)

  • Monitor colonies for varroa
  • Consider treating colonies for Nosema using Fumagilin
  • Monitor for and control small hive beetles
  • Feed colonies if light

What is blooming in Central Florida (Oct)

  • Bush Aster - Aster spp.
  • Goldenrod - Solidago spp.
  • Mexican Clover - Richardia spp.
  • Primrose Willow - Ludwigia spp.
  • Smart Weed - Polygonum spp.
  • Spanish Needle - Bidens spp.
  • Spotted Mint - Monarda punctata
  • Vine Aster - Ampelaster carolinianus

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How to Make a Honeybee

Speaker: Andrew Beard