Master Home ToDo File

Table of Contents

1 Priorities [60%]

  1. [ ] Fix Foundation
  2. [ ] Siding
    • Paint is peeling away from the home exposing the wood siding to water. The water will eventually cause the siding to rot and need to be replaced.
    • All bare spots around the home need to be painted to protect the siding. A qualified painter should prep and paint the exposed siding.
  3. [-] Windows and Doors [1/4]
    • [ ] Weatherstripping windows and doors
    • [ ] Back window that is cracked
    • [ ] Screen Repairs [0/2]
      • [ ] Back: The screen was damaged on the back door. There was some minor damage noted to other screened areas that could be patched.
      • [ ] Front Porch
    • [X] Tighten door knobs
  4. [-] Landscape [3/6]
    1. [ ] Consider removal of Agave's
    2. [ ] Consider trimming of oaks
    3. [ ] Front/side/back planning
    4. [X] Clear out existing vegetation like Mother-in-law tongues, etc
    5. [X] Quote for backyard cleanup
    6. [X] Need to clean up trees above roof
  5. [-] Exterior Stuff [2/4]
    1. [ ] Pressure wash OR clean back deck (AFTER new gutters)
    2. [ ] Paint/Stain back deck
    3. [X] The back steps on the south side of the home are soft and starting to deteriorate. They should be replaced with either pressure treated wood, or the wood needs to be stained to give it a protection from the elements.
    4. [X] Lattice to stop Rita from rooting around under the back porch
      • [X] Install the lattice
      • [X] Purchase lattice to block off crawl space from rear deck
  6. [ ] Tool Shed
    • 6x10 framed lean-to
  7. [ ] Rain Barrels
  8. [-] Kitchen
    • [-] Oven
      • [X] The knob that controls the left front burner broken.
      • [ ] Same burner does not light the gas. –OK for now
  9. [-] General Contractor (Misc) Stuff
    • [ ] Caulk/seal Windows / bathroom / tub surround
    • [ ] Fix hole in ceiling in main bathroom
    • [X] Remove shutters in main bathroom
    • [X] The joint where the clapboards meet at the corner of the house should be protected from the elements, primarily water. Caulking and painting the gap will stop water from getting behind the siding which can cause the wood siding to rot, the development of mold and possible damage to interior finishes. It will also deter pests like ants and termites. A skilled handy man or contractor should perform the work.
  10. [ ] Upstair Floor
    • [ ] Refinish wood floors
    • [ ] Install baseboards in attic
  11. [-] Electrical
    • [ ] The sub panel in the laundry room and the sub panel in the master bedroom have a gap between the enclosure and the siding. There is access to live electrical wires through this gap. The gap should be sealed to prevent accidental shock or electrocution.
    • [ ] There was live Knob and Tube wiring in the attic space. The condition of the wiring and knobs looked deteriorated.
      • It is possible that the wiring goes under the insulation over the master bedroom. This is a fire hazard and needs to be inspected and removed by a licensed electrician. Any circuits fed by the knob and tube wiring would have to be re-run. This can be a costly repair.
    • [X] The neutral and equipment ground conductors are bonded in the sub panel. This is an immediate safety hazard and needs to be corrected by a licensed electrician.
      • Bonding the grounded conductor (neutral) to the equipment grounding conductor (ground wire) anywhere downstream of the Service Panel (main panel) will give the electricity more than one path to take back to the service panel. It is possible for current to travel through a human that comes into contact with the panel enclosure or any external metal parts in contact with the sub panel system which can cause electric shock.
    • [X] The breaker on the disconnect for the HVAC technician to service the unit is too larger based on the nameplate of the equipment. The breaker in the service panel is also oversized. The breakers are designed to protect the equipment from running during a malfunction that could be costly to repair or create a dangerous situation. I recommend having the HVAC system serviced by a qualified HVAC technician before use and every year thereafter to ensure safe reliable cold air.
    • [X] The outlet in the upstairs bathroom is not GFCI protected. I recommend installing a GFCI protected outlet in this location. All locations where there is water and electricity: Kitchen, Bath, Laundry, Back Porch should all be serviced by GFCI outlets. There were numerous GFCI outlets around the home that did not trip when tested. I recommend an electrician review and repair/replace as necessary.
      • The majority of outlets that were tested on the first floor of the home were not grounded per the circuit analyzer.
    • [X] There was a connection outside of a junction box found while inspecting the attic access. All connections should be protected within junction boxes to protect from accidental shock and protect against heating of combustible materials.
    • [X] Lightswitch covers
  12. [X] Roof
    • Fix roof (Nov 2020)
  13. [X] Smoke Detectors
    • [X] The smoke alarms in the home are over 10 years old. I recommend replacing all the smoke alarms with the photoelectric type and updating them at least every 10 years.
    • [X] I also recommend updating the carbon monoxide alarms and installing an explosive gas detector in the kitchen, as a knob for the stove was faulty which could inadvertently vent gas into the home without you knowing it.
    • [X] Explosive gas alarm
  14. [X] Gutters [3/3]
    1. [X] Purchase
      1. [X] Buy
    2. [X] Tear down
    3. [X] Put up
  15. [X] Garage
    • Details: 16x18x9
      • 8ft garage door 500
      • walk door 200
      • window 150
      • Quote: $4,170
      • Deposit is $700
      • 4-6 wks
      • 9 wks
      • No footer - changes anchoring system not price
      • dig next to the concrete - 12in or so
      • Need a Color chart
    • [X] Temp Garage DONE
    • Permanent Garage
      • [ ] Call building department to see what restrictions
      • [ ] Permit
      • [ ] Pay
      • [ ] Fill with stuff
      • [X] Figure out if there is a footer
        • NO
      • [X] Find someone
  16. [X] Backyard patio
  17. [X] Venting Systems (Kitchens, Baths and Laundry) [100%]
    • [X] The louvers on the dryer vent are broken. They are designed to keep pests and other debris from getting into the piping when the dryer is not on. I recommend replacing the louvers to keep the vent pipe clear of debris and pests. A skilled handy man can accomplish this task.
    • The plumbing vent for the master bedroom bath, going through the roof on the back porch, has a pipe venting to the side. This side pipe should have a cover or air admittance valve on it to deter any sewer gasses that do get into the pipe from venting onto the back porch.
  18. [X] Pests
    • [X] Get rid of rats and cockroaches
    • [X] Lockout crawlspace
    • [X] Fix roof
  19. [X] Plumbing [100%]
    • [X] There was a noticeable puddle of water that seems to have leaked from a drain pipe. The pipe was in a deteriorated condition when viewed during the inspection. I recommend a licensed plumber inspect and repair/replace as necessary.
      • The floor around the toilet on the first floor was slightly sunk indicating past leaks and possibly a current leak. The area around the drain pipe in the crawl space seemed damp.
    • [X] The toilets in the guest bathroom and upstairs guest bathroom are loose. There was no indication that the toilet has been leaking on the second floor as the floor surrounding the toilet was firm.
      • The toilets should be secured to the floor as a loose toilet is susceptible to leaking which can cause further damage to the floor supporting it. A licensed plumber or skilled handy man should inspect and secure the toilets.
    • [X] Shower(s) and Bathtub(s)
      • [X] The shower head leaks considerably when used and needs to be replaced.
      • [X] The valve to turn on the water to the faucet does not have a defined on/off position. You have to turn the knob to continuously to find the exact spot that the water stops flowing. I recommend having a licensed plumber review and repair/replace as necessary.
  20. [X] Roof Drainage Systems
    • The downspout on the north west corner of the back porch terminated onto a splash block. The splash block is not discharging the water far enough away from the home as the grading around the area is causing all the water to pool under the back deck. The pooling water is causing localized erosion and if left to continue will start to undermine the foundation of the back porch. I recommend extending the downspout to discharge further away from the home.
  21. [X] Walls
    • There is a crack in the wall in the front guest bedroom. The crack is not large and can be concealed by paint. If the crack opens up after covering and painting a qualified structural engineer should be consulted.
  22. [X] Clean up the house - Finally actually move in!
  23. [X] A/C [100%]
    • [X] Cooling and Air Handler Equipment [100%]
      • [X] The insulation on the suction line coming from the air handler in the attic is missing in certain spots. The missing insulation was causing condensation at time of inspection which had noticeably affected the moisture levels on the floor below the unit.
        • I recommend having the insulation repaired and the unit serviced by a qualified HVAC technician.
      • [X] The foam sleeve on suction line is missing at the north side unit that services the first floor. Missing foam on the suction line can cause energy loss and condensation.
      • [X] The foam sleeve for the unit on the south side of the home is deteriorated. I recommend having an HVAC technician insulate the suction line on the north unit and repairing/replacing the sleeve on the southern unit when having the units serviced for the first time.
      • [X] Upstairs unit - coils compacted and need to be pulled and cleaned - $450-550 - To occur with next service
    • [X] Damaged duct work in the crawlspace from rodentia
    • [X] Some ductwork appears to have been damaged, most likely by rats in the attic access. The damaged ductwork could be causing condensation and moisture to build up in the ceiling which was noted when inspecting the office on the second floor. I recommend having a qualified HVAC technician review the ductwork and repair/replace as necessary.
  24. [X] Write reviews [100%]
    • [X] Pio Pio
    • [X] Paint
  25. [X] Eaves [100%]
    • [X] There is a wasp nest on the soffit of the home, most likely in multiple spots. I recommend spraying the nest and then periodically spraying the property to keep wasps away. Keeping frequent traffic areas free of wasp nests will keep the risk of stings low.
    • [X] There is no vermin screen present over the gable vents. This is a good place for pests to enter your attic space. I recommend having a vermin screen installed as there was evidence of extensive rat activity in the attic.
  26. [X] Chimney
    • [X] There is a clay liner being used for the gas fireplace. Clay liners do not adequately contain the combustion by-products of modern gas appliances. A metal liner needs to be installed by a qualified CSIA chimney sweep.
    • [X] The pilot should also be lit and the unit serviced by a qualified technician prior to use. The gas company when turning on service can do this.
  27. [X] Purchases [3/3]
    • [X] Gas dryer
    • [X] Grill
    • [X] Garbage disposal
  28. [X] Interior Paint
    • [X] Get quotes
    • [X] Color scheme

2 Home References

2.1 Paint Colors

Interior (Sherwin Williams):

  • Dinning Room - Sherwin Williams RR 13 White Raisin SW 7685
  • Hall - Sherwin Williams RR 04 Muslin SW 6133
  • Kitchen Upper - Sherwin Williams RR 04 Muslin SW 6133
  • Kitchen Bottom - Sherwin Williams RR 15 Bittersweet Stem SW 7536
  • Living Room - Sherwin Williams RR 13 White Raisin SW 7685
  • Master Bedroom - Sherwin Williams RR 15 Bittersweet Stem SW 7536
  • Office - Sherwin Williams RR 09 Independent Gold SW 6401

Exterior (Sherwin Williams):

  • Craftsman Brown (SW 2835) - Light Brown
  • Classical White (SW 2829) - White
  • Quartersawn Oak (SW 2836) - Dark Brown
  • Roycroft Pewter (SW 2848) - Gray

2.2 Contractors

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
    • DBK
    • 386-860-2050
  • Chimney
    • Youngs Chimney Service
    • 407-322-1181
  • Fence/General Contractor
    • Jorge Nodal
    • 305-542-1666
  • Gas (TECO)
  • Paint
    • 5 Star Painting (Sophia/Fransisco)
    • 806 Verona St, Kissimmee, FL 34741
    • (407) 433-7981
  • Tree guy
    • Competitive Tree Services - Sam
    • 407-970-7433
    • Free Mulch

2.3 Historical Resources

  • The Comptroller's website is a great resource to track the ownership history. You will work backwards, like genealogy, starting with yourself or the current owner. With their names you can look them up in census records or City Directories to learn more about who lived there. Also, if you come across their current addresses or contact information, they may be able to provide you with old pictures, plans, construction information or tidbits.
  • Next are the City Directories to locate residents. These are located at the History Center and can provide names of spouses, house mates, and occupations.
  • The History Center also has the Sanborn Maps which can provide a glimpse at the footprint of the house and original building materials.
  • If it was a major neighborhood, old newspapers may also have articles with pictures, working architects or builders.
  • The permit books are another great resource. These are also located at the History Center. They are organize by year and name of the person pulling the permit, so it helps to know the original owner (researched through the Comptroller website). The builder or architect may have also pulled the permit.

3 Things to fix in Jax [90%] See estimate

  • [ ] Electrical panel change
  • [X] Kitchen light - electrical
  • [X] Some window outdoor frames and screens
  • [X] Leak in front porch
  • [X] Laundry room walls and floor
  • [X] Rear hallway floor
  • [X] Kitchen window frame
  • [X] Bathroom tub hole plate
  • [X] Water closet light switch
  • [X] Shades (blinds) around the house
  • [X] Property manager person

Author: Matthew Rensberry and Erica Leon

Created: 2021-04-26 Mon 19:06