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Dr. Matthew Rensberry

Created: 2022-07-29 Fri 08:20

The common patient experience:

  • No appointment is immediately available when needed
  • Once scheduled, there is a long wait in the waiting room
  • Once in the appointment, there is not enough time to get through everything
  • After the appointment, there are still unanswered questions
  • Though insured, until they meet their deductible, they will still pay full price for the appointment ($160+)

What this leads to:

These experiences lead to Poor Quality of Care due to:

  • Doctor visit avoidance until things "get really bad"
  • Patient concerns over unknown costs
  • Lack of appointment time for adequate history, physical, diagnosis, or explanations
  • Poor access to care, as doctors are encouraged to see more patients in a day with less time for each patient

A better way for Primary Care: Direct Primary Care (DPC)!

  • DPC clinics partner directly with the patient re-aligning incentives to be in the best interest of the patient. Anchor DPC uses a membership model because we are convinced this is the best way to provide high quality medical care.
  • A DPC practice is patient focused, not problem focused. DPC clinicians work to keep the patient healthy, minimizing more invasive, potentially harmful, and expensive procedures.
  • DPC clinics help patients avoid unnecessary trips to the Emregency Room or Urgent Care.

Benefits of using Anchor DPC for your Medical Home

  • Comprehensive Outpatient Family Medicine Service
  • Same Day/Next Day Appointments
  • Extended Visits
  • Upfront pricing
  • Answers when you need them
  • Answers how you want them
  • Access to low cost medications and labs
  • After Hours

Comprehensive Outpatient Family Medicine Service:

Diabetes High blood pressure
High cholesterol Asthma & COPD
Allergies & Eczema Thyroid disorders
Migraines & other headaches Depression & Anxiety
Colds & flu Strains & Sprains
Lacerations & Wounds Rashes & skin abscess
Health maintenance and Physicals And more!

Longitudinal Programs

  • Weight management
  • Wellness & prevention planning
  • PrEP Therapy
  • Smoking cessation
  • Aesthetics (Like Botox)

Same Day/Next Day Appointments

  • See your doctor the day that you want.
  • No Co-pays!

Extended Visits

Visits last 30 minutes or more

You are not rushed and your visit starts on time

Upfront pricing

Know exactly what things cost before you get them, not days or months later

When you have questions…

  • Answers when you need them
    • 7 days a week, day or night your doctor is generally available to you
  • Answers how you want them
    • You can communicate with your doctor by phone, e-mail, text, or in person

Additional Values

  • Access to Low cost medications
  • Access to Low cost labs
  • Access to Low cost imaging

After Hours

After hours calls for urgent situations are included with membership

We will do our best to keep you out of the ER and Urgent Care. (If we save you one ER visit, the membership pays for itself.)

Insurance questions

  • We recommend patients have health insurance to cover health needs not included with Anchor DPC membership
  • DPC pairs well with a high deductible health plan for health insurance for most people

Direct primary care is not insurance.

What about Medicare, Medicaid, etc?

We see people with all types of insurance including Medicaid and Medicare at Anchor DPC!

Anchor DPC accepts all patients, regardless of insurance status (including uninsured)

Inpatient/Specialits/Hospital Care

Should a patient need a specialist, surgery, or inpatient care, we will help fasciliate navigation within the healthcare network.

They will bill the health insurance.


There are no pre-existing condition exclusions and there are no increases in the membership fee based upon prior health history.

Those with chronic medical conditions are perfect patients for Anchor DPC!

Your doctor is always within reach!

With Anchor DPC, you get:

  • Increased access to your doctor
  • More time with your doctor
  • Personalized care by your doctor

Get better quality of care for a better value!

Always be able to reach out to your doctor!

Contact Information:

  • Call/Text: (407) 634-1690
  • E-mail:

Clinic hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Anchor Direct Primary Care

Always be able to reach out to your doctor!

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